Gnomo Collection - Small is Beautiful

Italian for, yes, “gnome”, the new GNOMO is a retractable fountain pen that measures only 8cm – that’s a teensy-weensy 3¼in – when closed! The mechanism is, if we say so ourselves, ingenious. By twisting it outward, turning the nib junction the other way around and screwing it back into the barrel, you have a full-size, fully-functional, feverishly fantastic, fabulously fun fountain pen!

GNOMO is made with a main barrel of celluloid offered in three different colours: Yellow, Red and Charcoal Black. All metal fittings are made of Sterling Silver, personalised with a tweed laser-carving, which adds a cool, vintage look to the pen. To keep it slim and trim, GNOMO is designed without a signature clip, to stay faithful to the notion of maximum of comfort and hindrances. The fountain pen holds a single ink cartridge, and the nib is made in 18k Gold.

GNOMO: Proving small IS beautiful.