The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition

THE LORD OF THE RINGS Limited Edition Collection. 

One pen to rule them all

The makers of the world’s most magical writing instruments salute one of the most successful movie franchises in history. Our homage to New Line Cinema’s masterful trilogy faithfully recreates the artistic vision of director, Peter Jackson. Reproductions of more than two dozen of its motifs and props combine in what is arguably one of the most lavish tributes ever paid to this cinematic classic.



To the creators of objets d’art, honouring the density of one of cinema’s most intricate works poses a daunting challenge. Many of the elements that make up The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition are among the most original pieces of componentry ever created for a Montegrappa pen. Around the barrel, armaments and regalia of the Fellowship symbolise the fight against evil, while proposing the notion of the pen as the mightiest weapon of them all. Above, a replica of the iconic One Ring may be removed and worn…
should you dare!