Montegrappa Extra Verses Limited Edition

DUCTUS EXEMPLO - Montegrappa Leads by Example 

The Extra deserves nothing but the best. Montegrappite is made locally, using boutique production methods that achieve textures with a complexity, density and depth not found in standard industrial acrylics. Manual blending of the Extra Verses’ organic ‘Vinum Atrum’ body minimises wastage, while shavings and offcuts are recovered to create new colours. A priori, as the Romans would say.

Montegrappa’s signature Extra silhouette has seen many incarnations since its reissue in 1999. Besides the reference-level celluloid Extra 1930, exotic iterations have used materials like carbon, titanium and fossilised oak. Continuing in this tradition of innovation, the Extra VV is the first Extra to be crafted from Montegrappite artisanal resin.

 Created in response to reflective times, VV refers to ‘verses’ – expressions of wisdom engraved in Latin into a custom silver capband. Sterling silver is used for all other trim detailing on editions of only 100 rollerballs and 250 piston-fill fountain pens fitted with a custom, two-tone 18K gold nib (EF, F, M, B) and ebonite feed. Nib detailing features the VV device in yellow gold.