Montegrappa FIFA® CLASSICS


Relive the Moment


Since its premiere in 1930, 18 countries have hosted the FIFA World Cup™️. FIFA® Classics commemorates football’s passion and excellence with a selection of the most memorable moments in the tournament’s history. The high-performance ZERO stirs pride with crisply finished metals and custom-blended artisanal resins. Official poster art from FIFA’s archives reconnects with past glories in an exclusive writing set.



Since its premiere in 1930, The FIFA World Cup™️ has been staged every four years – pausing only for war. As the grand showcase of the global game, its sheer size and ability to stoke passions is without rival in sport.

The bold precision of the prestige ZERO silhouette represents football’s past with pride. Columns of artisanal resin are fused into resilient Montegrappite finishes. Batch-blended by hand, no two pens are exactly alike.


Recapture the spirit of famous FIFA World Cup™️ moments with an exclusive writing set. Companion journals feature recycled paper and FIFA official poster art – each artisanally made for Montegrappa by Arbos.