Montegrappa Year of the Tiger -

Celebrated every twelve years, the Year of the Tiger calls forth qualities of vigour, strength and courage. Here, the Water Tiger’s reign is reflected through the delicate interplay of light and a casing crafted entirely from sterling silver. Self-assured elegance perfectly complements incisive performance. Tigers are known to not mince words. We believe no writing instrument should stand in their way.

Master engravers use subtle variances in depth to bring the king of beasts to life. Realised in startling detail, the tiger stands watchfully atop a gently rippled surface. A perpetual bas-relief camo stripe wraps barrel and cap.

A custom-cast clip playfully mimics the tiger’s tail. Antiquing is applied to its faint relief to accentuate striping, creating a bold pocket profile that projects the confidence of those born in the Year of the Tiger.

Diamond-engraved knurling on grip section and blind cap references the mountainous terrain that links the South China tiger’s habitat to Montegrappa’s own alpine home, where geometric precision enjoys a proud tradition.

The tiger resumes his reign from 1 February 2022 to 21 January 2023. Those born under the tiger’s watch stand their ground when power is at stake, but temper fierce ambition with a deeply ingrained sense of justice.