NeroUno Grande Collection

Montegrappa’s Expansion Plans!

Hand or wrist sizes haven’t changed much over the last century, and yet the watch industry currently produces timepieces as big across as 60mm. Now it’s the pen’s turn to get massive!
Long thought of as novelties, giant pens have been around for decades.

Our own archives tell us that back in the days when Montegrappa was still called “Elmo - Fabbrica di pennini in oro...”, some of our iconic giant pens reached 27cm of length, and a diameter of 3cm!
Many date from the 1940s and 1950s, often designed as “private label collections” or branded with names such as Gucci or Vespa, and probably used as promotional items. We’ re at a loss trying to imagine what it was like writing with something the size of a fat grissini.
Inbetween such behemoths and “normal” pens of typically 13cm-15cm long with cap closed are “hero” pens that can actually be used, but work best with pride of place on a desk. Due to customer demand from enthusiasts in markets including Japan, the USA and the UAE, we’ e decided the time is right to say “no” to downsizing!
Trophy pens can serve as mere status symbols or mark special signings, from treaties to contracts. Visually imposing, they make exceptional commemorative items. With such a gap begging to be filled, Montegrappa will offer a series of classic NeroUno pens. The target size will be approximately 151 mm in length, with a diameter of about 17 mm.
As realised in their classic version, the outsized pens will be made of resin, with palladium-plated trims. Available as fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, as the classic regular collection. What will be common to all are sheer presence.
And a lot of fun.