Fortuna Mosiaco Aurora Borealis, Moscow Collections

Among the most beautiful materials in the Fortuna family of writing instruments is

Mosaico which always delivers a feast of colours..

Two new choices have been added to the selection both associated with places,, artworks and natural phenomena of visual distinction.. The Moscow model is inspired by the colour palette of Vasily Kandisky.. Born in the Russian capital this amazing artist is credited with being one of the first to create a purely abstract work.. Kandinsky employed shades of intense yellow,, orange,, red and blue in many of his signature pieces.. Montegrappa has used this array of contrasting hues to create Moscow,, instantly recognisable as inspired by this great painter..

A more dramatic but equally captivating look is offered by the other Fortuna Mosaic pen known as Aurora Borealis (NNorthern Lights)),, whose Arctic inspiration features a mosaic of magnetic blues,, purple reds and greens..

As with the regular Fortuna Mosaic collection,, the two new offerings will be available as fountain,, rollerball,, ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil in marbled resin with stainless steel trim.. The fountain pen’s nib is also made in steel decorated with the Montegrappa filigree etching.. Available in the classic writing grades of fine, medium and broad,, the Fortuna Mosaico fountain pen’s filling system is both converter and cartridge..

Buona Fortuna

Bella Fortuna