New Montegrappa BIJO-TO-YAJU By Tomita Kazuhiko -

The limited-edition Bijo-To-Yaju has been created in collaboration with Japanese designer, Tomita Kazuhiko. 

Made of vermeil and acrylic, Bijo-To-Yaju is an art piece that bends many of the accepted conventions of pen design. Its vertical orientation, 21mm heft, clipless cap, and lock-and-key appendages provide extraordinary form factor. Meanwhile, graphic embellishments reproduce fragments of 18th-century Ukiyo-e woodblock prints on film, joined by hand-painted Kintsugi detailing in gold enamel relief.

its a pièce de résistance is a sculpted finial and base modelled on the head and rump of the Shishi. Created using lost wax casting, the eastern lion figure is an analogy for the protagonist from Beauty and the Beast. Part pen, part fairy tale – the concept of Bijo-To-Yaju fuses Japanese artistry with European storytelling, drawing attention to universal principles of heroism, beauty and love.