Montegrappa COGNAC HORS D'AGE Limited Edition

Very Superior Oak Pen

Natural materials are a source of organic pleasure. Just as oak lends flavour and sophistication to cognac, its resonance heightens the experience of writing. Its soothing grain develops a gentle patina over years of use. Made to outlast all but the most prized bottles, the Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age lies proudly in a luxurious wooden presentation case adorned with the pen’s grapevine motif.




For the connoisseur, knowledge of a cognac’s provenance can be as enchanting as its aroma. In honour of this most noble obsession, Montegrappa visits the ambience of the cognac cellar for an extraordinarily small, luxurious batch of oak-bodied pens.

Aficionados of luxury spirits and fine writing are kindred souls. Both know quality cannot exist without traditions, time and patience. The limited-edition Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age blends the ideals of both worlds to express passion for life’s rarest pleasures.

A uniquely constructed writing instrument inspired by the Limousin and Tronçais oak barrels of the Cognac region. Solid oak has been shaped to mimic their curvature and staved construction, while bringing tactile delight to the writing experience.

Body ornamentations are scorched into the oak’s surface, and shiny, sterling-silver spacer detailing emulate the cognac barrel’s hoops. An all-silver grip section provides the most compelling clue to the Cognac Hors d’Age’s connoisseur standards.

Made exclusively as a cartridge/converter fountain pen with sterling-silver accoutrements, Cognac Hors d’Age has been crafted with the connoisseur in mind. Only fifty examples exist.