New Montegrappa Duchess of York Collection

A new limited-edition women’s silhouette has been created in collaboration with Sarah, Duchess of York. Duchess  

Montegrappa has long fostered relationships with luminaries and members of royalty. Sarah, Duchess of York is a figure who straddles both worlds: a writer, speaker and humanitarian who is rarely out of the public eye, and features regularly in media around the globe.


The personal monogram of Sarah, Duchess of York is engraved on an 18K gold nib, and foil-embossed on the collection’s handy portfolio carry case. Twelve concertinaed pockets carry postcard images and quotes collected by Sarah on her travels. Enjoy them in moments of quiet contemplation, or pen some thoughts to a friend. Replace them with your own treasured memories and keep them safe: one day they may inspire your own creativity.

The Montegrappa Duchess is made from celluloid in three colours – Ocean (Mediterranean Blue), Forest (Orange), and Garden (Yellow) – with an acrylic resin section and blindcap, together with delicately engraved, sterling silver trims. Each colour in the line is available in an edition of 100 pieces.

Duchess is a fountain pen-only edition. It is piston-fed, with a 6mm 18K gold nib (EF, F, M, B, OM, OB, BB, Stub 1.1) featuring a personalised engraving of the Duchess of York’s stylised S monogram.

The same stylish emblem appears on the captop, and provides the cover deco for an innovative portfolio presentation box. Made of laminated luxury papers, it includes concertinaed pockets containing 12 exclusive printed postcards – each featuring photography and quotes from the Duchess herself. A blue fabric pen pouch is also included.