Ernest Hemingway Novel


A feeling for beauty

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks…” Written decades after leaving the barracks adjoining Montegrappa’s estate, Ernest Hemingway’s words could scarcely echo our own sentiments more concisely. A century after our first encounter, Montegrappa is proud to have been granted permission to dedicate a signature pen to a literary great and an honorary son of Bassano.

The valour, camaraderie and romance of Ernest Hemingway’s experiences in war-torn Italy provided the foundations for his 1929 best-seller, A Farewell to Arms. Long banned, it has since been embraced as a seminal work. A century after his service in Bassano, we salute his breakthrough novel with a silhouette featuring a heady blend of fortitude, Art Deco detailing and smoky vintage charm.


Montegrappa’s limited editions are conceived to provide their discerning owners with a taste of Italy, to feel the presence of the great masters who passionately breathed life into their works and made them immortal. Among the limited edition series produced by Montegrappa is a brand-new one, named Mightier Than the Sword, joining the Cult and Icon collections in honouring individuals of great cultural impact and influence. As the name implies, by glorifying the pen and the written word, the candidate is a special person who has enriched and enhanced life by contributing to mankind through philosophy, politics, the arts and other fields.

Prominent among the subjects of the Mightier Than the Sword series will be writers, politicians, national heroes and other notables. Fittingly, The Hemingway pens formed the first family in this commemorative series. Ernest Hemingway was one of the most innovative and influential writers, reporter and novelists of the 20th century, one who wrote, coincidentally, with Montegrappa pens.


Upon its debut, the Hemingway collection is divided into four “chapters”:
The Soldier, The Writer, The Fisherman and The Traveller. Each of these chapters of his life and passions is embodied in a pen. In keeping with the accoutrements of the era, the packaging itself has been inspired by the notebooks used by reporters during the First World War.

The Novel series Sober and elegant, these writing instruments are particularly evocative of the decades during which the author wrote his finest novels.
Three are the new resin colours chosen: polished Black, Tobacco Brown and vintage Amber Grey mosaic. All trim is made in stainless steel.

Pen caps for all versions are engraved with the writer’s original signature.
Black and Tobacco Brown will feature Art Deco laser-cut frames with the writer’s signature in contrast. The Amber Grey edition will have laser-cut engravings filled in with enamel.
Each pen cap bears his unmistakable Marlin logo etched in contrast, with the blind end of the barrel bearing the 1912 Montegrappa monogram.

The Novel fountain pens are converter or cartridge-fed. Their nibs are customised with Montegrappa’s traditional Greek fret etching and are made in 18k gold. To ensure a perfect match to the owner’s writing style, five writing grades are available: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Double Broad.

For each colour of this limited edition, Montegrappa will issue only 355 fountain pens and 355 rollerball pens, the numbering of the series representing the exact number of pages of the very first edition
of Hemingway’s novel, A Farewell To Arms.