Q1 - Cult Limited Edition


Labeled as a technological leap that respects no boundaries, the Q1 writing instrument is crafted in titanium with leather lining, boasts a masculine design with an amazing internal structure of a multi-cartridge cylinder allowing to swap ink colors at your own will.

Still proudly a fountain pen, this steampunk-inspired writing instrument possesses a complex ink feeding mechanism in chromium-cobalt that leaves no space for copies. 

Fusion is the key, with Q1 marrying ultra-tough and hard titanium for the pen’s barrel with titanium and fine Italian leather for the pen cap, Stainless steel has been employed for the internal parts of the pen, while tradition demands that an 18K gold nib with filigree Montegrappa logo is fitted at the writing end.
A plethora of intriguing technical details ensure that the user will return again and again to the Q1 to discover fresh features. The Montegrappa octagonal pattern on both leather and titanium creates a contrasting surface with a different tactility to that of the matte-finish barrel. The cap locks onto the barrel with a slot-and-pin system reminiscent of a gun scope or camera lens. The arched pocket clip features the signature ball end-piece for smooth ingress and egress to and from pockets.