Uefa Champions League Best of the Best Collection - Pre Order now!

To celebrate the start of the new UEFA Champions League season,, commencing September 2018 and culminating with the Final in June 2019, Montegrappa – Offcial Licensee of the UEFA Champions League are proud to introduce the new  named the BEST OF THE BEST now the slogan of the UEFA Champions League.

As with the previous edition,, the cap is crowned with a three--ddimensional sculpting of the UEFA Champions League’s iconic starball symbol.In reference to the original Trophy Cup the inside is lined with an 18k gold coating Continuing the use of precious metals the signature clip is cast in silver, shaped precisely to match the UEFA Champions League Trophy Cup handles when the clip is viewed from the side.

Beginning with a resin barrel and cap of dark blue resin,, the entire pen is embellished with painstakingly crafted see through silver fret work featuring stylised illustrations of the classic football stadium’s aerial view and structure.. The core blue has been chosen as with the previous edition to represent the corporate colour for both the UEFA Champions League and Montegrappa.

Central to the pen barrel is the laser engraving of the UEFA Champions League Trophy Cup Observing the pen barrel’s back one notices a rectangular “pitch” like panel provided for any customisation the pen’s owner may wish to add.

On the pen’s blind cap applied with diamond cut laser engraving is the name of the collection BEST OF THE BEST.

A severely limited edition,, the production numbers for the UEFA Champions League BEST OF THE BEST pens are as follows 128 fountain pens and 128 rollerballs in Sterling Silver,, and 11 fountain pens and 11 rollerballs in solid 18k Gold.

128 represents the total number of football teams that have taken part in the game competitions since its foundation in 1954//555 until the end of the 2018//22019 season while 11 represents the total weight in kilograms of the Trophy.

The fountain pen is piston fed and its nib is made of 18k Gold it carries an etching representation of the UEFA Champions League “starball”symbol.. BEST OF THE BEST pens is delivered in packaging identical to the previous release to preserve continuity for collectors The blue lacquered wooden box bears the brand logos of this stellar collaboration – Montegrappa and the UEFA Champions League..