Elvis Presley Aqua Fountain Pen - Silver & Resin

The King of Rock'n'Roll.
Montegrappa celebrates the life of the universally-admired performer with its Icons Tribute To Elvis Presley, licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, in honor of the man who transformed popular music at the midpoint of the 20th century and became one of the most important figures in the history of recorded music.
Four models will represent important phases in Elvis' career from 1956 to 1977. Each pen possesses a resin body in a color suggestive of the each era, with sterling silver or vermeil accents. The fountain pen nibs are engraved with the full-height profile of Elvis at the microphone. Other details unique to each pen and the packaging also denote the specific stage of Elvis' career.
Aqua represents the 1950s, a hue that would have been found on two-tone automobiles and early electric guitars. The pocket clip recalls a period jukebox. As 1956 was the year that Elvis hit the big time, the edition consists of 500 fountain pens, 500 roller balls and 956 ballpoint pens. The gold edition comprises seven of each type fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint equalling 21, his age in 1956.

Materials: resin, sterling silver
Nib: 18K gold
Fountain pen filling systems: cartridge, converter
Nib writing grades: fine, medium, broad
Packaging: special
Limitation: 500 pieces

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