Montegrappa Khalil Gibran Fountain Pen

Montegrappa has collaborated closely with the Gibran National Committee, and renowned
Lebanese artist Katja Traboulsy in the creation of this homage to Gibran’s legacy. The GNC was established in Bsharreh, to protect and continue his legacy after his death, and Montegrappa is supporting the Gibran legacy through this project with a donation to the GNC for each pen sold.
The pens are made of resin in a colour reminiscent of the blue, black and grey prominent in Gibran’s paintings. This rich, dark hue is accented with palladium plated trim, while the fountain pen nib is two tone 18K solid gold and bears the famous face believed by many to be Gibran’s ultimate self-portrait.
All pens feature a pocket clip in the form of a hand with a solitary Sapphire set as the eye on the open palm, named the Divine World by Gibran himself. The face adorning the nib and the palm moulded into the clip are the most recognised visual references of Gibran’s art [images inset or on opposite page]. The base of the cap is inscribed with the writer’s signature, and the top of the cap bears the emblem of a ‘K’ overlaid on a ‘G’, a symbol found in the corner of many of Gibran’s paintings, his own personal logo.
In honour of the year of the birth of this legendary writer, the Khalil Gibran limited edition consists of
1883 examples each of fountain pens, roller balls and ball point pens. Each series of pens will be numbered 1/1883 to 1883/1883.

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