The Scent of Montegrappa

The Monte Grappa at 1,775 meters is the highest peak of the group of mountains, the Grappa Massif, making up part of the Veneto Prealp region, isolated between the rivers Brenta and Piave. More than a mountain, the Monte Grappa is a world unto itself, a legendary place bearing the scars of battle but the resilience of a nation. 

The climatic conditions derived from the mountain's positioning have favored the integration of shrubby type vegetation, typical of Mediterranean zones, with northern, mountain zone formations that occupy little space. 

The grand floral richness of Monte Grappa is also derived from anthropication which, in preferring fields and pastures being mowed, resulted in large areas of forest being cleared in the lower altitudes. 

Like music, perfume has three sets of notes, which makes the harmony of the scent. 

It gradually unfolds with time depending on the weight of the ingredient molecules. 

Middle notes are sometimes called the 'Heart note', and Bottom notes are called the 'Dry down' or 'Base notes' too. 

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