Batman Fountain Pen

There is no need of superpowers to be a Superhero.
Montegrappa’s Cult Collection enters a new phase with the first pens to honour one of the greatest of all fictional icons: Batman. Appropriately, there will be 1939 Batman fountain pens and 1939 Batman rollerball pens, the number signifying the year of his first introduction.
All of the pens’ components are made with materials that give the pens a dark grey hue evoking the colour of Batman’s original costume. The pens’ surfaces are also engraved with bats in flight. In addition to the pens there will be 500 sets that also include cufflinks and a wristwatch.

Materials: alluminium, brass, carbon fiber
Nib: 18K gold
Fountain pen filling systems: cartridge, converter
Nib writing grades: fine, medium, broad
Packaging: special
Limitation: 1939 Fountain Pens

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