Brain Rollerball, Silver

Developed in collaboration with Richard Restak M.D.

Working with no less an authority on cerebral matters than Dr. Richard Restak, M.D., Montegrappa is proud to announce one of the most ambitious pens in its illustrious history. To create a pen that represents the complexities of the very organ it celebrates, Montegrappa's designers drew inspiration from the brain itself.
The link between the brain and the pen encouraged Montegrappa to illustrate this direct intellectual and physical connection. Emblematic of this is the contrast present in the pen's most basic structural elements: the top part of the pen is rich and elaborate, while the body is simple, acting as a parallel to a man's body, where all his riches are in the brain.
Accompanying every Brain Pen is a copy of a book written especially for Montegrappa by Dr. Restak.

Materials: sterling silver, resin, 18K yellow gold, celluloid, precious stones
Nib: 18K gold
Fountain pen filling systems: piston
Nib writing grades: fine, medium, broad
Packaging: special

Limited Edition
1012 Fountain Pens in sterling silver
900 Rollerball Pens in sterling silver
50 Fountain Pens in solid 18K gold
50 Rollerball Pens in solid 18K gold
12 Fountain Pens in solid 18K gold and diamonds
6 Rollerball Pens in solid 18K gold and diamonds

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