Aviator Pens


Come fly with me...

Aerodynamic form and aeronautical detailing are the key components of a dynamic, light-body, aluminium pen sure to raise the pulses of flight fanatics. Mock-riveted panels, landing gear and a nose cone are most visible features of a fuselage offering soaring writing performance. A case modelled on vintage flight goggles gives aviators a perfect place to stow their shades.

Adorning the entire body of the Aviator’s Pen are specific design details in the language of the aviation industry. Montegrappa’s artisans have finished the pen with “stitching”-style rows of “planks” secured with minuscule rivet heads, accompanied by fuel tank apertures, the “Remove before Flight” and “No Step” commands, etched along the pen in perfect relief. The signature clip bears a complex, technical design shape reminiscent of landing gear struts, with the classic Montegrappa rotating sphere re-imagined as a knurled ferrule.