Montegrappa Harry Potter GRYFFINDOR Rollerball - ISHPRRGF

The lacquered brass barrel, brushed stainless steel cap and etched grip area result in a beautifully-made pen fit for any Hogwarts student. 

Gryffindor, home of our heroes Harry, Ron and Hermione, is represented by a red and yellow barrel, with a spring-loaded pocket clip featuring the house colours and the Gryffindor lion. The barrel end is inscribed with the House motto: courage, bravery, determination.

Material: brass, stainless steel
Trim: stainless steel
Packaging: special
Length: 141 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Weight: 60.00 gr
House colour Yellow - Red 
House Values : Courage, Bravery and Determination

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