Ink Bottles




For optimal performance and preservation of Montegrappa fountain pens, we recommend using only Montegrappa-made inks.

A spectrum of classical and contemporary colours has been developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding writers. Exercising the care of a perfumer creating a fine scent, our chemical engineers have fine-tuned properties of colour, viscosity, wetness and permanence to perfect the writing experience.

Every variant has been made to serve the mechanical precision built into all Montegrappa converter, piston-fill and eyedropper pens. Our full range of inks are dye-based and contain no ingredients of animal origin such as carmine, beeswax, shellac, or other insect- or animal- derived glycerine.

Our 50ml ink bottles feature the octagonal design featured on our filigree nibs. It is a form that has been part of Montegrappa’s oeuvre since 1915 – designed to bring sophistication to any desk or writing bureau.

Montegrappa inks are not water-repellent nor suitable for printing. Ingredients include colorant and tincture, acid, glycerine, polyester ethylene glycol, organic gum arabic and carbamide/carbonyl diamide.