Montegrappa DANTE ALIGHIERI: PARADISO Limited Edition

Few writing instruments in our history can eclipse the beauty or significance of this final volume from the landmark Divina Commedia series. The realisation of Dante’s glorious vision reflects a profound devotion to craftsmanship, and reverence for the greatest love story ever told. Precious metals narrate the poet’s spiritual pilgrimage, as he encounters tales of virtue en route to the source of supreme love.



Coloured stones and intricate castings trace Dante’s ascent through nine celestial spheres, as he leaves the earthly sins of Inferno and Purgatorio behind. Interlocking orders of angels soar above a sky-blue Montegrappite core, rising towards the eternal light. Three shining discs represent the culmination of the poet’s journey, and his breathtaking use of the trinity as a literary device – recognised in editions of 333 (silver) and 9 (gold)