New Foundation Prince Albert II De Monaco I colori dell'Oceano,

Designed in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, kaleidoscopic coral colours swim at the surface of a prestigious, Solidarity Edition silhouette. Consciously crafted and engineered to last, each offers an impressionist snapshot of oceanic beauty entirely unique in texture. Proceeds assist the Foundation’s efforts to lead positive change in the world.

Made from pearlescent resin, our signature ruzzolino clasp finishes a custom-sculpted, oyster-shell clip. Nature’s ability to filter impurities and create a shiny pearl symbolises the task that lies before us.


Montegrappite. Our in-house artisanal resin offers more than mesmerising colours. Local sourcing, low waste and offcut reuse make it the considered alternative to conventional industrial acrylics. 

Prestige writing. Fountain pens are fitted with a custom nib crafted from 14K gold and decorated with the Monegasque banner of arms. Issued in editions of 999 pieces.

Since 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has instigated and supported more than 750 projects, prizes and grants to address critical issues of climate change, biodiversity and ocean health.