New Montegrappa David Bowie Blackstar

Ladies and gentleman, Montegrappa is proud to honour David Bowie:  (Blackstar) – the newest addition to the Montegrappa Icons series. This limited-edition fountain pen and rollerball will be available from end of June. Since his dramatic death only two days after the release of his final studio album, David Bowie’s claim as one of the most iconic artists of the modern age has only strengthened.

The limited-edition David Bowie: ★ is ultra-modern – designed in the album’s sparse, futuristic visual style. Cap, trims and clip are structured from black ruthenium-plated brass, while the barrel and custom section are carved from black, high-density acrylic. All surfaces are embellished with diamond- and laser-engraved grids, glyphs and motifs created by designer, Jonathan Barnbrook. Jonathan designed the cover art for David Bowie's 2002 album 'Heathen" where he used his 'Priori' typeface for the first type. He went on to design the sleeves for Reality, the Next day and Bowie's final work Blackstar ★, each with their own specially-designed typography.

Concluding a career of fearless innovation and reinvention, history will rank ★ among his greatest artistic triumphs. Years since Bowie’s passing, fans and historians continue to mine ★ for hidden meaning, examining and reinterpreting its every lyrical and visual aspect. Jonathan Barnbrook’s cutting-edge art direction permeates every aspect of our tribute, including a magnet-sealed presentation case designed for freestanding or wall-mounted display.

Both modes are available in a continuous limited edition of 801 pieces (401 Fountain Pens + 401 Rollerball Pens) with all nibs and tips embellished with the artists lightening - bolt logo. 

The edition numbering refers to David Bowie's birthday 8th January and the release of his final work, Blackstar. Fountain pens are piston-fed and fitted with a 6mm ruthenium coated 18k nib with a black ebonite feed. 

Nib grades available are EF,F,M,B,BB, Stub 1.1