A Pledge to Protect

  • The limited edition Montegrappa Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: Ocean Collection marks the beginning of an important new partnership with the environmental organisation led by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. Its design combines the values of inherited luxury with an environmental message. It is made of dark blue celluloid, cubic zirconia and two qualities of sterling silver. The ornaments are crafted in polished silver, including a striking clip modelled on King Neptune's trident. Satin-finished sterling silver is used for the body and for an elongated, deep-profile cap. Each piece is engraved with Victorian maritime illustrations. On the cap, laser engravings depict pristine seas and the foundation's vision of clean oceans. The artistic contrast is striking and draws a parallel between the writing instruments and the struggle to stem the flow of oceanic waste.


Since 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has instigated and supported more than 720 projects, prizes and grants to address critical issues of climate change, biodiversity and ocean health.

Realised in sterling silver, Neptune’s trident is a pocket-sized pledge to defend the oceans. Bold, mirror-polished trims are balanced by wistful satin-finish silver: a canvas for contrasting seascapes.

Fine etchings portray pristine seas teeming with life. Removing the cap reveals the gap between vision and reality. Every interaction highlights our responsibility to stem the flow of ocean waste.