New Montegrappa SEA SHEPHERD VICTORY OF THE WHALE Limited Edition

For the ocean!

Mahogany, celluloid and repurposed bronze recount the tale of the Essex, an American whaler sunk in 1820. Her epic encounter inspired Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, and lives on in the lore of Sea Shepherd. The international direct-action marine conservation movement contributed bronze from its former flagship to a design nostalgic in stature, but revolutionary in posture. Together for the ocean!


Sea Shepherd was founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson. Sailing under a rejigged Jolly Roger flag, our partner patrols the oceans with a ‘vigilante’ brand of direct-action activism. Countless raids on international whaling fleets underscore a resolve to enforce laws where others cannot – or will not. Proceeds from all purchases support their fearless mission.


Performed by Camilla Fascina, the song ‘The Victory of the Whale’ is a dedication to this special collaboration. It was at last year’s ‘Music for the Oceans’ festival in Bassano del Grappa that the singer’s passion for marine conservation was awoken. Ever since, oceanic themes have figured prominently in her repertoire, with numerous songs and performances in support of Sea Shepherd’s volunteers.