New Montegrappa Tutankhamen collection

One of the last century’s most momentous discoveries is the subject of a writing instrument fit for a king. With devoted craftsmanship and presentation, we revisit the setting and significance of Tutankhamun’s tomb in all its golden glory. Our homage to the young pharaoh is a tribute to the power of belief, and the vital role played by artisans in documenting and preserving civilizations.

The 1922 discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter revealed Ancient Egypt at its most glorious – triggering a wave of interest that has dominated popular imagination ever since.

Tutankhamun’s death mask is recreated in versions of vermeil and solid gold, using cloisonné and black diamonds to reproduce the lavish ornamentation of one of the world’s most celebrated art treasures.

A diorama showcase reconstructs the young pharaoh’s burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings.

Editions of 100 (vermeil/sterling silver) and 10 (solid 18K gold) mark the centenary of Carter’s discovery, and its profound contribution to a universal appreciation of culture, beauty and patrimony.