New Montegrappa Wild Artic Solidarity Edition - What you love you will Protect

Our third collaboration with Project WILD departs Africa in search of cooler climes. The contrasting moods of the Arctic are the subject of a 999-piece edition made by hand and created with heart. The region’s dwindling health is an alarm bell for the future of our planet. A selection of precious polar wildlife images by Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman feature on an exclusive companion set of postcards are included with the pen. Previous editions are celebrated by WILD: Baobab (2020) and WILD: Savannah Sunset (2021) 


National Geographic Explorers, Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman are the founders of the WILD Nature Foundation. Their devotion to the world’s most remote locations highlights what we all stand to lose.

Diecast from stainless steel, a custom clip is the calling card of all Project WILD editions. A wing feather from the Arctic’s snowy owl is a symbol of nature and Helle and Uri’s enduring efforts to preserve 

Two-tone Montegrappite emulates the seasons of the Arctic in dazzling shades of blue. Our proprietary artisanal resin blends production offcuts and minimises material wastage.



Exclusive companion set of postcards are included with the pen


“What you love ⋅ You will protect.” Together we must be intrepid but compassionate. Engraved into the cap top, Project WILD’s expedition patch offers direction and a reminder that love is always the answer.