Montegrappa Salvador Dali Rollerball Pen - Silver

A surrealist masterpiece, dedicated to legendary Salvador Dali
The third creative genius in Montegrappa's roster of peerless artists is Salvador Dali. A visionary who personified surrealism, he was also a writer, filmmaker and designer. Blessed not only with technical skills talent but also with a unique visual sense, Dali produced a number of significant works so original and startling that they have entered the global consciousness. Among the most famous is his 1944 work, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening, which has inspired Montegrappa's designers to devise a pen worthy of Dali's vision. It was the first of a number of works to contain a form, which would become a recurring image in Dali's work: The Space Elephant.
Montegrappa's designers have transformed these noble beasts, portrayed with long, multi-jointed, almost invisible legs of desire along with obelisks on their backs into miniature manifestations of Dali's art. On the Dali pen, the elephant embraces a barrel of Mediterranean blue celluloid for the silver edition, or in malachite green for the solid gold version. When the pen is opened, a quote from the autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, is inscribed on the inner barrel. Montegrappa will issue only 1,000 sterling silver fountain pens and 989 rollerball pens, denoting 1989 the year that Dali died. 19 solid gold rollerball pens and 61 fountain pens will represent the year he created the 1961 jewellery, The Space Elephant.
The pens are packaged, appropriately, in an egg-shaped container, in recognition of another Dali-esque image. For the artist, the egg symbolised hope and love.

Materials: sterling silver, celluloid, resin
Refill: Rollerball
Packaging: special

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