Montegrappa Calligraphy - Gold

Calligraphy Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Dedicated to the art of writing, transmitting knowledge and culture through time and across generations.

Available as a fountain pen only, the Calligraphy pen is a limited edition comprising 328 pieces only -  this number representing the discovery of first document written in Arabic. 

The pen is fitted with an 18K gold nib enhanced with a bicolour arabesque motif. Delivered in a hand-made wooden case devised to protect the pen, it also houses a hardback version of the special book, “Arabic Calligraphy: Words Made Precious” 

Materials: solid 18K gold, celluloid
Nib: 18K gold
Fountain pen filling systems: cartridge, converter
Nib writing grades: extra fine, fine, medium, oblique medium, broad, oblique broad, double broad, stub 1.1
Packaging: special 
Warranty: 2 years

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