Montegrappa Grappa Fountain Pen - ISCUG_CU

The Cult Collection Grappa Pen has been issued as fountain pen, with both cartridge and converter feeders, and as a rollerball pen. Production is limited to 1912  for the fountain pen and 1912 for the rollerball, the given number denotes the year of establishment of the Montegrappa company.  The blind cap of the Grappa pen is reserved for the limited edition number. 

Both the historic traditions of grappa distilling and the aesthetic of steampunk have inspired and influenced the design of the latest addition to Montegrappa’s Cult collection. The materials used in the pens’ manufacture, reminiscent of the distilling vessels, include stainless steel, brass and copper for the cap and barrel, employed in the manner of the actual equipment’s construction.

Embracing the spirit of grappa and its life-enhancing properties, the Grappa Pens arrive in special packaging not unlike the presentation of an actual bottle of the liquor. The pen comes in a blown glass bottle with a large globe base, made by local artisans, bearing the Montegrappa coat of arms in metallic finish. 

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