TIZIANO Fountain Pen

Montegrappa, in collaboration with designer, Vincenzo Luly, presents the Tiziano writing instruments collection inspired by the artist’s illustrious painting “Vanitas” (1512-1515). Ensuring that devotees of Tiziano and art lovers in general will be enthralled by the Genio Creativo Tiziano Pens, the barrels, with the artistic interpretations of the subjects, are hand-painted by miniaturist par-excellence Straffi Lorena. The cap top is further enriched with the original Tiziano wax seal. The latter is also virtuously reproduced onto the barrel end of the magnifying glass that complements the fountain pen.

Offered in a limited edition of 100 items for each model, the Tiziano fountain and rollerball pens are both distinctive and evocative of the artist’s era, in that the barrel end and cap are made of precious beech wood. The natural material was indeed retrieved from the secular beech tree, also known as “the Tiziano beech” that grew in the premises of his home in Pieve di Cadore. In 2012, this monumental timber-plant was incidentally ripped by a windstorm, thus disconnecting eventually the historical liaison between the painter and his homelands. Nowadays, this symbolic spell revives through other forms of art, such as the given exclusive selection of writing instruments bearing his name.

Enhancing further the organic presence of the beech are the Renaissance Red resin and vermeil Sterling Silver fittings of the Tiziano pens trim. The nib, available as Fine, Medium and Broad, is traditionally made of 18k gold and is etched with the characteristic filigree motif as well as the Montegrappa logo.

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